battle of manila bayThe Battle of Manila Bay also known as the Battle of Cavite was one of the two major American Naval victories in the Spanish-American War.This war took place in May of 1898.The battle has shown to be important because it destroyed most or all of the Spanish ships during the battle. This battle was one of the first major engagements in the Spanish-American War.

The United States had several ships involved in the Battle of Manila Bay, the USS Olympia, USS Baltimore, USS Raleigh, USS Petrel, USS Concord, USS Boston, and Revenue Cutter.The chief engineer of the Revenue Cutter, Hugh McCulloch died of a heart attack.Spain also had many ships involved in the battle.The ships that Spain had involved were Reina Cristina, Castilla, Don Antonio de Ulloa, Don Juan de Austria, Isla de Cuba, Isla de Luzón, Marques del Duero , and the Velasco.

The American Squadron was lead by Commodore George Dewey who later had a medal named after him and was awarded to officers and sailors that were under his command.Commodore Dewey received a special honor after the war of a promotion to Admiral of the Navy. Dewey then ran for president in 1900 but then proceeded to withdrawal his nomination. The flagship that Dewey used called the Olympia is preserved in a museum located in Philadelphia, PA.