Manila Bay AttractionsManila Bay has many attractions that cater to all ages. There are some natural attractions that are offered to spectators, one of which can be seen from different places on the bay. The Manila Bay sunset is said to be one of the most spectacular. Scuba Diving is also a favorite pastime. There is a new location to visit marine life for people who may not like to scuba, the newly opened Ocean Park Manila Bay is the worlds first marine theme park. This park features over 20,000 marine animals of 300 species.This park features different exhibits that look into the different depths of the sea and what marine life may live there. The goal of this park is to promote marine conservation and awareness.

Another favorite attraction are the many churches located in Manila Bay.Some of the favorite churches and monasteries include the Malate Church which is an adobe structured church which has stood on its site for over 100 years and is known for its historical interest.San Agustin church is known as the oldest church in the Philippines .This church has been around since 1587 but was reduced to rubble in 1945. The Iglesia Ni Cristo is part of the Manila skyline.

Another stop that visitors should make is the attraction of the Ayala Bridge.Ayala bridge was constructed in the 1920’s in a neoclassical style of architecture.This bridge is known to be one of the four bridges that is very important to the Manila waterway.

Malacanang Palace ManilaThere are also many museums that travelers can visit as well as The Butterfly House which showcases many different species of butterflies.The Butterfly house was constructed to help promote awareness of butterflies.

Another attraction rich in heritage and culture is the Malacanang Palace.This Palace serves as a home to the country’s head of government.

Of course there is plenty of shopping, dining, and entertainment in Manila Bay.One favorite place to visit is Nakpil Street.This street serves as the place where the hottest trends are seen, as well as a great place to dine and be entertained.On Saturday nights this street is closed to traffic and people are able to see a rock concert or just mingle.