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Manila BayManila is the capital of the Philippines and is often called “The pearl of the Orient”. Manila Bay is located on the inlet of the South China Sea in the Philippines which is situated on a natural harbor. There are harbors located to the north and south of the island. This natural harbor is about 35 miles wide and about 30 miles long. Located to the North and South of the bay are more harbors. It has been said that Manila Bay is one of the finest natural harbors in the world. Located on either side of the island are volcanic peaks containing tropical foliage.

There are many islands surrounding Manila Bay. Two of these islands divide the bay. The largest islands are Corregidor and Caballo, The island of Caballo separates Manila Bay into Northern and Southern Channels.

manila bay islandsThe local climate of Manila is hot, humid and tropical. There are three seasons that are recognized by the residents of this country. Hot season is from March to May. Rainy season is from June to November. The best time to visit Manila Bay is during the cold season which is between December and February, during this time the climate is much cooler. This particular climate makes the Philippines and the bay privy to monsoons which depending on the months could be the Northeast monsoon and the Southeast monsoon.

The languages that are most commonly spoken in Manila Bay are Filipino and English. There is a large interest in Western Cultures among the Filipino. Manila Bay has a population of over a million. Culture can be seen many places in Manila Bay one of the most common places in the Manila Bay Filipino Asian Store. This is where people go when they are feeling homesick and get a favorite of the Lady’s Choice Sandwich Spread. Another part of the culture is the stories about the supernatural, ghosts, and magic. Natural resources are an important part in the livelihood of the locals.

Manila Bay is known for its hotels, dining and is said to have a spectacular sunset.